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CHAN6VKUSJDeleting a repeat reservation directly created in the R6 R&R database, using an R7 event (template and server) created a doublebooking problem due to...
BFOS7WKPE7Domino home page: Fixed help text and url for 'Domino i Help"
MKIA7K9H6HAdded code to a split table before it exceeds the 255 row limit on a recall response report.
DBRO7WCJL2SPR# DBRO7WCJL2 -Fixed problem where "Operation Failed" error was occurring when using Add Sender to Contacts with "Include x.509 certificate"...
JASG56HSN6Added code to support owner's ability to accept or decline room and resource requests from the internet.
ADET7Y5JBVAdded a new "Entries by Category" view to the Calendar List views.
GMAA6TBJUAReplaced a Notes "32 k byte maximum" error with a more user-friendly error when saving a rule and the maximum is reached. The new message suggests...
KKOO7HM8Q8Fixed a problem where the alternate name of the chair was missing after a user accepted a meeting invitation. This regression was introduced in...
JKAH7SLSFXFixed issue where Out of Office sometimes displayed Disabled when it was, in fact, Enabled.
DBRO847EKNFixed problem where some MIME messages show wrong name in Who column of All Docs view. Regression occurred in 8.5.1
ATHS7KP449Re-enabled the ability to see all Signature types (File, Plain Text, Rich Text) on the Signature tab in Preferences. Regression was introduced in...
AGUD7SQJQFMail template Group form: fixed the formula in the Save & Close button. Now behaves like the same button in Contacts.
ALAS7VYUJSFixed problem where contact sort option was not brought forward to user's Mail contacts
HKAI7RMAASFixed problem where Stationery was moved to Trash folder if user received a "blank subject" warning and answered "No" when sending
SHEZ7WLHCWAdd new code to handle first-time load / setup of archive profile.
THIO6UGDC3Fixed issue where unfriently "system administrator" error sometimes occurred if user tried to add RFC 2822 messages to Junk mail
YHAI66TD78Fixed problem where Reply To All did not include all names in CC field if two recipients had same name but different domain
MJBN7VJLTAPerformance improvements in Mail template by modifying the view actions so that the Lotusscript library no longer needs to be loaded every time view...
MPAA6HHGYKAdded code to reply to all to resolve name if sender's name is has changed.
MHUZ7TPGTAFixed problem where sender gets two msgs when doing a Reply To All, if the sender is in the CC: field of the original email.


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